Im excited to announce a new program from Color Projection. We make so many videos that we thought it would be fun to share a new one each day with our subscribers! So here it is, the Daily Renders page from Color Projection!

Daily Renders for VJ’s

Daily Renders are free for our subscribers and we dont ask for anything except your email address to access the daily freebie.

The first free video clip was just made a few minutes ago and is a classic mirrored light swoosh. We welcome your feedback and suggestions. If you have suggestions on clips you like to use the most or anything really, we listen and promise to do our best to try to satisfy everyone’s cravings. Personally I use a specific type of overlay/background format the most and will be providing clips used especially for those types of setups.

I use Cinema 4D for 3D renders and After Effects for final processing and sometimes to create the videos themselves.

Here is a link to the download. Enjoy!!!


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